Pajottenland is a region in Brussels Belgium that is in the Flemish Brabant in the province of Flanders. Most of the scenery that is seen in this region is farmland. The beautiful and picturesque place of Pajottenland is handcrafted to look and feel like a gift from heaven. The rolling hills of the region make it a nice route for cycling and trekking. You can also be a witness of the rivers Dender and Zenne when you are in Pajottenland. Because the area is primarily and majorly composed of farmland, it is the place that provides the food and drink for the rest of Brussels.


The municipalities of Pajottenland include Asse, Affligem, Galmaarden, Ternat, Pepingen, Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, Roosdaal, Gooik, Dilbeek, Bever, Herne, Lennik, and Liedekerke. When the whole Pajottenland is marketed as a tourist attraction, the place includes both the Pajottenland and Zenne Valley. The added areas are Sint-Genesius-Rode, Halle,  Beersel, Drogenbos, and Linkebeek. The nearest areas along Pajottenland are French Flanders, Romance Flanders, Zeelandic Flanders, Margravate, and County.

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Cycling Paradise in Belgium

If you are looking for a place to have a peaceful stroll on the hills and experience the environment in a way that you have never experienced before, you should go to Pajottenland. This region in Belgium is best known for the place that you should visit if you want to use your bicycles and travel around the area. Pajottenland is mostly farmland which makes the air fresh and the land a relaxing view to see because of the peace and tranquility that it offers tourists, you can definitely enjoy the whole area from the moment you arrive here. You will wish that you could have stayed more once your last day arrives. You will desire to live here as you experience the peace that this Belgian region offers.

Belgium Promotes and Supports The Green Tourism

Cyclists will not only fall in love with the beauty of Belgium but also enjoy their environment-friendly culture. Belgium supports the fight for Green tourism focused on preserving its natural environment while boosting their tourism efforts through hostinger promo code. Cyclists are well supported in this country, so they made sure that cyclists will get the necessary amenities to make their tour unforgettable. Cyclists will find bikers’ stations every two miles where they can get refreshments, take a refreshing bath, and relax before going for another trail.

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